Peace in the City

This is our response to domestic violence, gang and drug activity, prompted by the loss of four women. 


Not long ago, the Highlands was called ‘the drug capital  of the No. Shore’ by the Drug Task Force.


We can stop the violence and live in harmony at home, in our schools and in our neighborhoods if we work together on the problems and make peace happen.


We too say: Si Se Puede, Yes We Can.


Watch the Peace in the City rally at the Ford School


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We can stop the violence and make our own future.

– Rev. Bill Hill, Zion Baptist Church


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“In my own community, I’m gonna let it shine!”


-Doreen Murray, Interfaith Choir Director


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“The purpose of gathering for peace is a noble one”


-Mayor Chip Clancy


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“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” 


-Ford School Chorus