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The goal of the Lead Abatement Program is to provide abatement for low and moderate income individuals, ensuring that low-income families no longer have to choose between a lead safe environment for their children and housing they can afford.

This program provides:  1. A one-time grant of up to $8,000 per unit to abate eligible properties; 2. Inspection and re-inspection with dust wipe test; 3. Relocation assistance for occupants when necessary;  4. Letter of Full Deleading Compliance.

Units are “eligible” upon certification of homeowner’s income at or below 80% of the area median income when a child under six lives with the family.

Household income from all sources cannot exceed the following limits.

Household Size for Owners and Gross Annual Income Limits, as of 12/18/2013:
1               2              3              4               5                6               7               8
$47,450   $54,200 $60,100   $67,750   $72,750   $78,150   $83,550   $88,950

Both owner and tenant – occupied units are eligible. Tenants themselves are not eligible to participate. Investor Owners are eligible based on tenant’s income – at or below 50% of the area median income – if a child under six lives in the unit. Tenant income from all sources cannot exceed the following limits:

Household Size and Gross Annual Income Limits, as of 12/18/2013:
1                2               3               4               5               6                7               8
$32,950    $37,650   $42,350   $47,050   $50,850   $54,600   $58,350   $62,150

Owners of mixed-use properties may apply for lead abatement to the residential portion of the property only. No work will be done on any non-residential space.

The funds from this program will be in the form of a grant. Owners will enter into an Affordable Housing Restriction that is recorded at the Registry of Deeds for five years.


Submit the following documents: (Please provide photocopies)

1. Application Form

2. Guidelines – Two (2) copies are provided. Sign and date both. Return one (1) with your
application, keep one (1) for your records.

The following applies to all members of the owner’s household:
 Most recent 4 (four) paycheck stubs;
 Current Social Security award letter (1099 is not acceptable);
 Current pension award letter (Award letters indicate monthly gross income for the current
year), and/or other acceptable forms of current income verification, which ever apply.
 A complete copy of the applicant’s most recent federal Income Tax form 1040, with all
schedules. If self-employed or incorporated, financial statements for the past three years
and profit and loss statement year to date;
 Asset Income- three consecutive months bank statements for all bank accounts in the

4. Deed – A copy of the deed to the property.

5. Mortgage(s) – A copy of: the mortgage(s) on the property, the Mortgage Note and the most recent Mortgage Payment (s).

6. Homeowners Insurance Policy – A copy of the Declarations Page.

7. Real Estate Tax Bill – Copy of most recent bill indicating that taxes are paid. (obtain at the Collector’s Office, Lynn City Hall).

7A Water & Sewer Bill indicating that this bill it paid.

8. Tenant Applications or Vacancy Notices – Completed and signed by tenants, along with
income documents, or vacancy notices.  Tenants must provide a recent utility bill.

9. Lead Blood Test Results for children under six living in the unit.

STEP 2:  After applicant is deemed eligible, a licensed Lead Paint Inspector/Risk Assessor will contact applicant to schedule an inspection, along with a Rehabilitation Specialist. The Rehabilitation Specialist will inspect the premises for “Public Health and Safety” violations.

STEP 3:  After the inspection, you will receive a copy of the report defining the scope of work, including other available funding and expected private contributions where applicable.

STEP 4:  You will need to obtain written “itemized” cost estimates from three licensed deleading contractors and submit the estimates to the Rehabilitation Specialist. The Specialist will review and approve your de-leading estimates and select the lowest reasonable bid.

STEP 5: LHAND will arrange for a closing where contracts and grant agreements will be signed and any relocation arrangements made. Once you have closed your de-leader must submit to the State, a Ten (10) day Deleading Notification and apply for any necessary permits.

STEP 6: LHAND will monitor the deleading work until completion and payments are only issued upon receiving a letter of lead compliance.

Work must not begin before the closing. LHAND will not be responsible for any amounts you commit or spend before the closing. Our financial relationship with you begins at the closing, and we are not in any way or at any time responsible to any third party (such as subcontractors or suppliers) in the course of performing the work.

The Federal Uniform Relocation Act: applies to property in which any rental unit is occupied at the time the owner applies for federal assistance. It is most important that the homeowner work closely with program staff in this area to insure full and proper compliance with all provisions of the Uniform Relocation Act.

The National Environmental Policy Act: applies to the rehabilitation of property that is historically or architecturally significant, or; located in a flood zone, or; adversely impacted by consistently high noise levels, or; involved with the disturbance or removal of asbestos.

The rehabilitation scope of work submitted by you will be subject to Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC) standards when exterior work is proposed. This especially applies to buildings included in the Register of Historic Places; buildings 50 years or older; the proposed use of vinyl or aluminum siding; the reconstruction of fire-damaged buildings; the replacement or repair of porches and handrails, doors, eaves, and roof lines and; proposed changes to any other structural or decorative building component.

Compliance with the above guidelines for exterior work may require detailed drawings as a condition of obtaining MHC approval; therefore, you are strongly encouraged to submit clear and detailed written specifications and cost estimates as early as possible. We will review your plans and, if necessary, forward them to MHC for approval.

The owner hereby authorizes the placement of a temporary lawn sign for the duration of the project which acknowledges program participation and funding sources. You will be given additional assistance on how to comply with the provisions of all the above if it applies to your property.
Please sign below to confirm that you have received a copy of the Lynn Lead Abatement Program Guidelines and that you have read and understand these Guidelines.

___________________________ ______________________________________

DATE Applicant’s Signature
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DATE Co-Applicant’s Signature