HEY (Healthy Eating Youth) Club



Superintendent Latham ended the LEO after-school program at the Ford School for 100 children, leaving the Highlands with no after-school activities. The HEY (Healthy Eating Youth) Club is a small replacement for Highlands youth. Kids 9-12 years old prepare, cook, and eat healthy foods, participate in group exercise, and do their homework. Watch the video below!


Gardening at Cook St.

Many of the kids told us that this was there first time in a garden. They eagerly waited for Fridays, our garden day.


Our garden manager teaching the children how to plant garlic.



Lets make some vegan sushi! They loved it.



Grandma explaining to Katherine, why we must get rid or snails in our gardens. She didn’t seem to like the idea very much.


Arts and Crafts



One of our favorite activities, Arts and Crafts. Especially for 7 year old Bryan on my right.



Elvia having a good time teaching the kids her artistic techniques.


Let’s paint with parents



We made our own minions.


Activities Around Lynn



Lynn woods, skipping rocks and sing alongs.



Breath of fresh air at Lynn beach.




The kids gathering for reading period



What do you know about food, nutrition and exercise?




Homework time, totally not our favorite!