Henry Ave. Park Restoration

We did it!  It took five years, funds from City Hall, Councilor Trahant, trucks and labor from DPW and  Antonio Gutierrez of LYSOA who involved gang kids, to transform this park.

Before the Restoration


The Henry Ave Park had broken tennis court fences, hazardous cracked cement, litter, and graffiti.


Restoring the Park





Councilor Hong Net,  Jesse Jaeger and Ward 6 Councilor Brendan Crighton


Read about the Lynn Journal’s coverage of the day:

  • A Lost Gem is Restored:  Bill Trahant Joins Highlands Coalition In Rebuilding Henry Ave. Playground
  • Thank you to Bill Trahant and The Highlands Coalition!

    Community Art After the Restoration





    We Love our Partners



    Ward Councilor Billy Trahant and Trahant Roofing Crew



    Community Facilities Manager John Moberger




    Our Angel, The Adam Ezra Band put on a benefit concert at Salisbury Beach, NH