Leslie Greenberg PRESIDENT HC LYNN

Watching the City of Lynn destroy the Ford School Garden. Dr. Latham told children that Ford MCAS results were the lowest in the city and that they removed most of the garden for more play space. These were kids that graduated Ford. They didn’t believe her. Today she called me a liar, which upset us all.

The Ford School Community Garden is at the center of many community initiatives.

The Highlands Coalition showcases the Ford School Community Garden
David Gass – Executive Director HC LYNN

Fifteen veterans of the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project arrived at the University of Rhode Island to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Project. This is a video with one of the veterans, David Gass.

The Highlands Coalition’s Annual Frederick Douglas Speech Reading at High Rock Tower – July 3, 2014

During the 1850s, Frederick Douglass typically spent about six months of the year travelling extensively, giving lectures. During one winter — the winter of 1855-1856 — he gave about 70 lectures during a tour that covered four to five thousand miles. And his speaking engagements did not halt at the end of a tour

Highlands Coalition Youth Tree Planting


Lynn,MA Highlands Coalition Harvest Fest